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Synchronicity in life is magical, and we’ve all had an experience at one time in our lives that made us ask the question…is there a greater force helping us to pave our road in life?

Astrology & Tarot Card Readings 

Astrology and Tarot Card Reader - PrayNite

To book a live tarot reading with me:


1) Please purchase via my shop.

2) Go to Book live Events & book directly on my calendar.

Note: if I don't receive payment within 24 hours of booking your appointment, it will be deleted from my calendar.  

General Tarot Reading - PrayNite
Love Tarot Reading - PrayNite
Career and Finance Tarot Reading - PrayNite
Book a tarot party - PrayNite
Newborn Astrology Report - PrayNite
Adult Astrology Report - PrayNite
Major Life Transit Report - PrayNite
Couples Astrology Report - PrayNite

* Note: I need exact birth time for all astrology reports

Astrology and Tarot Card Readings - PrayNite

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