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Is he the love of your life..or the love of right now? How do you love together, communicate together and what lessons you are learning in your relationship. This is a great report for new couples, as well as couples that have been together for a long time. GREAT gift for Newlyweds!

Couple Astrology Report - Framed

  • This is an astrology love report that takes two specific individuals birth dates, and answers questions on how you relate together on all levels: communication, love, sex and lessons you learn together. Why have you come together and how stable are you as a couple. Find out in this report = great for Newlyweds!


    After you purchase this report, Please email me at info@praynite with:

    1. the couples names 2. Date of Births 3. Exact Birth times of each couple (to the hour if possible) 4. City and State each person was born in.


    If you would like a photo of the couple included in the report, please include a high resolution photo. The following formats will be accepted: .jpg, .gif, or .tif, or photoshop file.


    Let's get started!  

  • All readings are final sales, once payment is received for the specialized service I conduct. Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only.

    Thank You!

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