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This finance tarot card reading provides you with the answers you may need to hear to keep you on financial track. See what my guides have to say to you!


Get a personalized tarot reading, via skype. To book a tarot reading with me:


1) Purchase your reading here. Once I receive payment, you are ready to book a reading!

2) Go to "Book Live Events" to get access to my schedule and book your reading, it's that simple!


If you have any questions, please reach out to me at


Let's get started!

Finance Tarot Card Reading

  • This financial tarot reading is provided in an electronic .pdf format, along with a photo of the tarot card spread I pulled specifically for you.


    Let's get started!

  • All readings are final sales, once payment is received for the specialized service I conduct. Remember, this is a subjective interpretation of the tarot cards, and intended for entertainment purposes only.

    Thank You!

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