Looking for guidance in love. This intuitive reading helps guide you in the direction of heart.

Get a personalized tarot reading, via skype. To book a tarot reading with me:


1) Purchase your reading here. Once I receive payment, you are ready to book a reading!


2) Go to "Book Live Events" to get access to my schedule and book your reading, it's that simple!If you have any questions, please reach out to me at info@praynite.com.


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Love Tarot Card Reading

  • Love question? This is an intuitive heart based guidance tarot card reading.


    I provide a report of the guidance I receive through the tarot cards and a photo of the card spread I pull for this special reading.


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  • All readings are final sales, once payment is received for the specialized service I conduct. Remember, this is a subjective interpretation of the tarot cards, and meant for entertainment purposes only.

    Thank You!