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Astrology Services

I take pride in providing a personalized astrology report for my clients. I have found that providing too much "planet speak" becomes confusing to people, so I interpret the sky in a language you can understand. I also use my intuitive gift to connect with you as I'm reading the chart. It helps me determine with what information from the report I need to relay to you at this time.

Looking for a unique baby gift? My specialty is "Newborn Astrology", where I write a report on the child's personality, and themes they will encounter in life. This is something new parents enjoy, and will always have as a keepsake for their child. I provide a framed option of this report. It makes a great gift! See sample report.

Tarot Card Readings

I truly enjoy connecting with each and every client, and providing the insight that comes to me while I am doing the tarot reading. I do tarot readings mostly offline, or live if my schedule permits. For an offline reading, I will send you a video of your reading.. Because I have a busy schedule, there are only certain time slots that I can connect live with you, but if it works out, I would do a live reading through Skype.

If you live in MA or NH, consider having a Tarot Party! I provide an onsite tarot service, where each person receives a 20 minute reading (a maximum of 6 people).

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Newborn Astrology

A unique gift for the newborn or young child. A customized report is created on the child's personality traits, along with themes in their life. A treasured gift for a lifetime! Framed option available or custom size can be requested for you to put in your own frame.

Adult Astrology

A personality report is created for the individual (exact birth time is required) and/or major themes/transits in your life are explained. Transits are helpful when you are looking for guidance on a subject or during crossroads in your life.

Tarot Card Readings

Looking for some guidance on love, career or financial questions - sometimes the answer becomes very clear when you work with me during a reading. I will provide a detailed written report and card layout, or if schedule permits, we would do it live over Skype or google hangout.

Tarot card Party!

If you live in MA and NH and want to add a fun event, have a tarot card party! Get at least 5 of your friends together and I will come do a reading at your house. Each person will get a specialized 1/2 hour reading in a  private setting.

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