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Babies born week of November 13-19 2016 - Astrology

Week of November 13, 2016

Babies born Sunday and Monday will have an intensity and determination about them, and their emotions are tied to the material side of life. They will be loyal in relationships, and set high standards for themselves. Being that these babies will be born under a full moon, they will be idealists at heart, and always battling between their head and their heart, never quite feeling satisfied, which will help them to achieve great success in their life.

Babies born Tuesday and Wednesday are strong willed, charming, and clever, with a witty and personable charm. They are curious, and want to learn from all areas of life. They don’t have a loss for words, and will communicate their emotions with determination. Though, they don’t have a loss for words, they may seem emotionally detached at times.

Babies born Thursday and Friday have an intensity in their emotions. They are emotional, sensitive and very in tune with others. They are traditional in a sense that family and home is important to them, and have a strong bond with their mothers. Their empathy for others, and nurturing nature can sometimes be taken advantage of, so something to look out for. As long as they understand their own needs, they will find the balance in life.

Babies born Saturday enjoy being seen in a crowd. They have a flair for style, and are proud to take the leadership role. They have a strong character, personality, and are confident, persistent, and courageous. They should watch out for coming off too strong and boisterous. If they can balance their need for power and pride, with subtlety, they will find much success in life.

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