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Babies born week of November 20-26 2019 - Astrology

Week of November 20, 2016

Babies born Sunday and Monday are the ones that like being noticed in a crowd. They have a flair for style, and are proud to take the leadership role. They have a strong character and personality, and are confident, persistent, and courageous. They should watch out for coming off too strong and boisterous. If they can balance their need for power and pride, with subtlety, they will find much success in life.

Babies born Tuesday and Wednesday love adventure! They are perceptive, and have a great knack for communicating their ideas to others. Though, they may not be the ones to physically travel, but rather share their ideas in a familiar setting. They are humble, comfortable with daily routine, and enjoy perfecting their ideas. With this combination, teaching, or any creative career that hinges on details, such as engineering, would suit them.

Babies born Thursday through Saturday are social butterflies. They are confident, charming, hopeful, and love learning from others. Being with others is key for them, as socializing is an important way for them to learn, grow, and be inspired. They want to have harmony in their relationships, and can be indecisive at times.

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