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Babies born week of November 27 - December 3 - Astrology

Week of November 27, 2016

Babies born Sunday and Monday (New Moon in Sagittarius)

are the adventurous souls, who’s ambition and intensity to experience life to the fullest shows! You are fascinated by unusual subjects, and are perceptive when it comes to seeing what others might not see. This quality will help them make the most of their adventures.

Babies born Tuesday and Thursday are the enthusiasts! They are optimistic and have lofty insights. These babies will have a dislike for the ho hum tasks like paying bills, etc., and would much rather discuss or experience the lofty subjects and places of the world. They have a restlessness about them, and good at seeing the abstractness in life.

Babies born Friday and Saturday want to achieve in life, and understanding that their goal can be achieved with determination. They have a vision of what success means to them, and will stay on course, not falling for a lot of life’s little distractions. They have a “dry wit”, and can make people laugh, while behind the curtain, they are climbing the mountain to success!

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