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Babies born week of December 4-10 2016 - Astrology

Week of December 4, 2016

Babies born Sunday, Monday and Tuesday can be unpredictable, but that is what people are drawn to. They love their freedom, and set high goals for themselves. They have great foresight into what the future will bring, and are great with technology. They can seem at times to be detached emotionally, but will be able to communicate intellectually about what they are feeling…it’s just their emotions and intellect don’t always connect. They are warm and charming people who can add a bit of excitement to any group!

Babies born Wednesday and Thursday are easygoing and accommodating, with a dream like way about them. They are driven by intuition, are adaptable, and sensitive. They are the true romantics in love, and need to make sure that they are looking at the reality in their love life, and be cautious of looking at their partner with rose colored glasses. They have a love for learning and travel.

Babies born Friday and Saturday have a restless energy about them. They love adventure and are fearless when it comes to any action that they want to pursue. They are all about speaking their mind and some may even say they are “outspoken”. They are independent, active, witty and playful. They love a good competition and have great optimism about life and what they can accomplish.

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