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Babies born week of December 11-17 2016 - Astrology

Week of December 11, 2016

Babies born Sunday and Monday are drawn to the aesthetics and artistry, and they are inspired by lofty ideas. Though, when it comes down to it, they ultimately want security in their life. They should be careful not to let security matters take over their life. They are very perceptive about matters and people, and this they can definitely take that to the bank!

Babies born Tuesday and Wednesday have a playful spirit, though can be restless and seem anxious at times. They want to maintain their freedom, but can be scattered around what to do at any given time. They should work on developing patience in this area. On Tuesday, there is a full moon in Gemini, so babies born under this full moon are in a constant battle between their head and heart.

Babies born Thursday and Friday are quick learners, and emotionally nurturing towards others. They have a caring demeanor, and have a good sense of people around them. They have a cautious nature, and this would trump any desire for adventure. Though, they are dreamers, and want to imagine the places they could go, and people they could meet, they may do that from the comfort of their own home.

Babies born Saturday are the ones that are seen in a crowd. They have a flair for style and are proud to take the leadership role. They have a strong character and personality, and are confident, persistent, and courageous. They should watch out for coming off too strong and boisterous. If they can balance their need for power and pride, with subtlety, they will find much success in life.

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