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Babies born the week of January 8-14 2017 - Astrology

Babies born Sunday have a reassuring disposition, and are driven to steadily achieve their goals. Their persuasive personality makes people trust in what they say, though they are inflexible at times when it comes to their emotions. They can seem stubborn at times, but if they can learn to understand the feelings of others, they will achieve balance in that area.


Babies born Monday and Tuesday want to tell you everything that they are doing in their life. They have so many ideas for their future, and communicating them to others, will be how they figure out which direction to follow to reach their goals. They have a nervous energy, and need to stay active physically. Action will help them stay grounded in their thoughts.

Babies born Wednesday and Thursday are caring souls, and people will be drawn to them when times are tough. These babies are practical, and have much wisdom, and at the same time are nurturing to others. There is a strength that is apparent to others, and without a doubt, they are the ones people count on!

Babies born on Friday during the Full Moon in Cancer, can be very emotional at times. It sometimes seems like they have bursts of emotion all at once, then will settle down. Because they are born during this special moon phase, they will be torn between their thoughts and their feelings. They are super nurturers, and will make wonderful parents. They have to find balance with their emotions, and if they can do that, their future is golden!

Babies born Saturday are meant to climb the ladder of success, and they will do it in a fashionable and boisterous way. They love attention from others, and if they don’t get it, they will seek it out. They are fun to be around, have a huge heart, and at the same time can seem arrogant if they don’t like what others say. Whatever it is that they want, they can get, and will achieve success!

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