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Babies born the week of January 15 - 21 2017 - Astrology

Babies born Sunday are meant to climb the ladder of success, and they do it in a fashionable and boisterous way. They love attention from others, and if they don’t get it, may seek it out. They are fun to be around, have a huge heart, and at the same time can seem arrogant if they don’t like what others say. Whatever it is that these people want, they can get it, and achieve success!

Babies born Monday and Tuesday are career minded and looking to establish their credibility through their work. They are analytical and love to work out the details. They sometimes can seem critical of others, though they are just looking to improve the quality of what others are attempting. They can see the fine details with ease, and will make any employer proud.

Babies born Wednesday and Thursday are optimistic, sociable, and have a pleasing personality. They are also driven to succeed, and sometimes get frustrated that others don’t match up to their expectations. Their challenge is to learn to have faith in themselves first, and then others won’t seem so out of balance.

Babies born on Friday and Saturday are the free-spirited souls, that are looking to follow their own path in life. Because they have such strong feelings towards what they are doing, they can be extreme at times, and can leave either a good or bad feeling with others. They have a magnetism about them, and are great at getting to the root of any subject.

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