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Babies born the week of January 22 - 28 2017 - Astrology

Babies born Sunday are the free-spirited souls, who are looking to follow their own path in life. Because they have such strong feelings towards what they are doing, they can be extreme at times, and will leave either a good or bad feeling with others. They have a magnetism about them, and are great at getting to the root of any subject.

Babies born Monday and Tuesday are determined to go on their own path in life. They are adventurous, and have a willfulness about them that leaves others either inspired or turned off. There is no “middle of the road” with these people. Their beliefs are written in stone, and they are determined to see them through!

Babies born Wednesday, Thursday & Friday have great self-respect, and have great logic. They are persuasive and have great wit, though always practical. These people believe in the rights of the individual, and have a strong determination to make things right, based on what is right for everyone. They believe everyone is accountable for their actions, and will become impatient with others who are not.

Babies born on Saturday are the future seekers. These people have a keen intuition for new groundbreaking ideas, though have a hard time focusing on any one thing. They have a keen intuition for outlandish ideas, and have a distant sparkle in their eyes. These people have a keen intelligence, but need some grounding for carrying out these ideas to fruition.

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