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Babies born the week of January 29 - February 4 2017 - Astrology

Babies born Sunday are the future seekers. These people have a keen intuition for new groundbreaking ideas, though have a hard time focusing on any one thing. They have a keen intuition for outlandish ideas, and have a distant sparkle in their eyes. These people have a keen intelligence, but need some grounding for carrying out these ideas to fruition.

newborn baby photo

Babies born Monday and Tuesday are kind and helpful. There is a true innocence about them that people seem to trust completely. These people are very sensitive to their environment, and have a great imagination. They can be drawn to an artistic field, or follow a spiritual path in life.

Babies born Wednesday, Thursday & Friday have great ambition, though can be sometimes impatient when things don’t go as fast as they would like. These people are headstrong, and want to act quickly. They are better suited to work alone than with a team, and have tons of energy to help them achieve their goals.

Babies born on Saturday are the individualists that are looking to set wide goals in benefit of humanity. These people are confident, and born leaders that people are more than willing to follow. At times these people can be stubborn, and seem hard-nosed to others ideas, so watch out for that. Otherwise, they have lots of self-control, and people are drawn to your style.

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