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Babies born the week of February 5 - 11 2017 - Astrology

Babies born Sunday are the individualists that are looking to set wide goals in benefit of humanity. These people are confident, and born leaders that people are more than willing to follow. At times these people can be stubborn, and seem hard-nosed to others ideas, so watch out for that. Otherwise, they have lots of self-control, and people are drawn to your style.

Babies born Monday and Tuesday are the intellectuals. They are amiable, and outgoing, and can process information quickly. They need to be mentally stimulated, and have a lot of energy, so you will find there’s not much that they haven’t done or seen. They are concerned more for the future, and sometimes may not pay as much attention to the present moment. Even though they will have a lot of casual friends, they have a hard time connecting emotionally with another.

Babies born Wednesday and Thursday tend to be nurturing to others around them. They are very interested in helping humanity, and are the ones that people in need with flock to when things are bad. They are a bit emotional, and need to pay attention to how they react to things, as their moods will vary based on the outside world.

Babies born on Friday and Saturday are the ones who want to be seen in the greater world. They will call attention to themselves in humanitarian efforts, and will want to take a leadership role when it comes to creating social groups. These are the people that will be looked upon by others when they need a voice for their group. These people shine when they are helping humanity, and shine when the spotlight is on them.

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