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Access your Intuition in 3 Steps

Our lives have become complex, with so much information coming at us at such a rapid pace. Our brains are having to put a lot of our familiar activities on the back burner, as we try to process everything that is going on. From this, we have lost our inate ability to go inward and explore our intuition, to help guide us in our lives.

Our intuition has not gone away. We still have the ability, but it now takes a conscious effort to access it, and understand what it is saying to us. We have started questioning the information, and our intuition is no different. Our innate desire is to be safe, and experience has told us not to believe, or to believe, hence we end up confused, and wondering what and who to trust.

This is where it is so important to have trust in what your inner guidance is telling you. You have to believe and trust in this guidance, but the first step is to remove the outside distractions, so that you can actually hear it.

Trust, Listen and Feel. You can't go wrong.

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Recommended books on accessing your intuition.

Follow your Intuition

Follow this link to books you can find on accessing your intuition from

These are good resources to help you on your journey exploring your inner guide.

Enoy the journey! Leslie

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