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Awakening your Intuition - Are your choices resonating with your heart's desire?

Join me for my first tarot card reading to kick off 2021 Look within your heart to find out how you want to move forward in your life. You have the power!

In today's reading, the feeling of protection and being protected came up for me when I meditated on the soul card prior to the reading. Are you looking for confirmation that someone is with you that no longer is with you? Are you wishing you had that person near you to share your life or the moment you are in at this moment? This card was definitely a confirmation they are here in the now for you.

The reading today was all about the choices we have to make in our own lives and how we choose to move forward understanding what we need to make us feel safe and protected. The intensity of the need to take action overshadowed the reading, but at the same time there is a hesitancy to feel safe about the actions that you choose as you make the decision in your life on which way to move forward.

This action may require some dramatic change to happen, and will help you finalize a part of your life that no longer resonates with your motives and desires in this moment. What chapter needs to be completed to help you move forward in this new direction?

With the 4 of Cups, I can feel there is some unrest in regards to maybe what someone has said to you or a communication that you need to have that must resonate with your heart. I sensed with the 2 of swords there may be something you are holding back on communicating maybe out of fear? The 3 of pentacles showed me how you want to manifest something in your life, but in doing that you MUST feel safe in order to take the next step. There is safety and protection which was indicated in the soul card I originally pulled - go forth and take charge - it's in your hands! :) You are free to move! :)

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