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Daily Oracle Readings

Join me as I pull an oracle card every day and tap into the message that you can carry with you for the day. Looking at each card, see how it resonates with you and your situation, and awakens your intuition.

Alliance - Sacred earth oracle deck

When I see this card, I am reminded how collaborating with other people in my day is so important. If I think I can do something by myself and this card shows up, I think of who I need to include to help me enhance whatever it is I need to accomplish. Remember to include others today, and really see how we all are the same, even though differences may show up to the outside world. I am using the Sacred Earth oracle deck.

Influence - Sacred earth oracle deck

When I picked this card, I was immediately drawn to how inspiration can happen in a moment's notice. How we see life from our internal world can manifest in our outer world. My message today for this card is to see what inspires you as you travel throughout your day - enjoy!

Moderation - sacred earth oracle deck

The moderation card signifies to me that we need to stop and smell the roses, and slow down and not put so much pressure on ourselves to get ALL our "to do" list done. If we stop a bit, we may be able to focus on the things that we would otherwise miss if we weren't paying attention. Take it in strides today.

Rediscovery - sacred earth oracle deck

Today is all about tapping into your inner child and just having fun! Take this time to do something for pure fun and enjoy every moment of the experience. Life is short and this is the time to appreciate the goodness in your life!

Potential - sacred earth oracle deck

Today is the day to really pay attention to how you are moving through your day, and try to take each moment and raise it to the next level. Even if it's just a normal conversation with someone in your life, really see how you can make a normal experience, extraordinary! Today is the day to raise the bar and really come out and shine!

Clarity - sacred earth oracle deck

What inspires you? What makes you tick? Today is the day to really find clarity in what your goals are and pay attention to see if you are moving in the right direction to make them happen. Let your inspiration drive you today and shine, shine, shine!!

Friction - sacred earth oracle deck

When things arise in your day that cause irritation, usually from another person or event... today is the day to look within and find out why you are being triggered in that moment. 9 out of 10 times the trigger comes from something within you - an insecurity or feeling that you need to dig further on. Pay attention to what comes up for you today!

Perspective - sacred earth oracle deck

Today is a day to really understand other people's perspectives as you move throughout your day. It is a day to see how you can work on making it a win-win situation if it is an unbalanced interaction with another. How can you bend to help the situation? What can you let go of in terms of beliefs or ideas, and really see the other persons point of view? You will be surprised to notice that once you do that, then the world will open for many possibilities!

Efficiency - sacred earth oracle deck

This is a day to make sure you are checking the box on ONLY the important tasks in your day. We all have MANY things that we would like to accomplish, but today is about streamlining your tasks and goals to find what your priorities really should be about. In doing this, you will find out that you have much more time to do those "other" things that you normally don't have time to do. It will bring you much balance and peace in your day - Enjoy!

Perception - sacred earth oracle deck

This is a day to tap into your intuition, where you will get insight to help you make the right decision. Take the time to feel with your heart and the answers will come - enjoy!

Connection - sacred earth oracle deck

Today is the day to think of "the others" in your life and realize how important your connections are in helping you with your goals and you helping with theirs. Collaborate today and see where it takes you! Enjoy!

Dependability - sacred earth oracle deck

Today is the day to show up for people in your life who need you today. Even though you may have things going on in your own life, this is where you need to show up for them to let them know that they can count on you!

Core - sacred earth oracle deck

Really tapping into your desire is the theme for today. What is it that makes your soul sing? Your heart will guide you today - enjoy!

Core - sacred earth oracle deck

If there are things that you have left behind to do, today is the day to clean it up and get to business to address the issues or actual work that you haven't finished. This is the day to clean up your past and make way for the future!

Repitition - sacred earth oracle deck

This tarot card signifies the synchronicity of the divinity of the world we live in. When you notice things in multiples, like numbers, letters or even animals, you will begin to realize that there is a message in them just for you. Pay attention to what you see today, and realize that you are surrounded by energy that is helping you move forward in your day - enjoy!

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