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Access your Intuition with Tarot - Exploring the Six of Swords

Looking to the future of our life, and heading into the unknown, ready or not, is what we will discover with the six of swords.

Some are looking to leave the rocky past behind, and ready to venture into more serene waters. Others are planning a long-range trip to another country, and getting all that's required to get there, i.e., obtaining visas, etc.

With the swords representing our mental facilities, this could be a sign that you are communicating what your desires of your ideal future.

In this video, I explore various representations of the six of swords in various tarot card decks. This is a way for you to connect with the card, and unveil your intuition, to see where the six of swords takes you on your journey. Enjoy!

View my original video on accessing you intuition.

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