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Access your Intuition with Tarot - The Death Card

In learning to access your intuition, it is sometimes helpful to use the tarot to help access that deeper side of you.

In this video, I show you the "death cards" in 5 different tarot decks.

Though, the death card is scary when it appears in your reading, it is really an exciting time of transformation in your life. It may indicate something is leaving your life to bring in the new and improved, or that you will come upon something in your life that will transform how you see your life. The cards that surround this card in the spread, will often indicate where to look in your life that points to this transformation.

See how the different interpretations of the death card resonate with you, and practice accessing your intuition from what you see.

View my original video on accessing you intuition.

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Thanks, and enjoy your journey! Leslie

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