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Weekly Tarot Reading for ALL Zodiac Signs - Time for a new adventure!

This week starts off with a powerful soul card that relays to having your voice heard. It's all about sharing your thoughts and ideas and having people listen. It's all about manifesting things in your life that you value this week, and how does this feel for you when you think of establishing these new ideas? It's now time to feel the ease in the ideas that you have. Think about the potential that this opportunity will hold for you, but don't lose focus on what you need to focus on. The blessing comes from a person you know who has had success, and helping you with advice and tips to help you get it accomplished. This advice is helpful and you are ready to start this new adventure!

ARIES - You need to push aside any emotions that may stand in the way. It's bringing me to the past, and letting me to know that what ever you've tried in the past that may not have worked. Remember that you now are going to do it in a different way, so don't let the past hold you back from beginning again!

TAURUS - You have to know that there is potential for you to feel really good with moving forward with this new idea. Your sign is to take action, in spite of any emotional blockages that you may feel.

GEMINI - You are ready to take this opportunity to the next level. If it's a job, it may be in the early stages, and you are looking to take the next step, i.e., interviewing. You have talent in what you do and you have to keep going, and people will be interested in what you have to do! Don't forget to stay focused as there may be a chance to get distracted in the excitement you have moving forward.

CANCER - It's time to transform your life, and let go of anything that doesn't suit you at this time. You are ready to shed away the old and begin again!

LEO - Whatever you've done in the past no longer suits you. If you have had any ideas that you are keeping down, they will no longer stay there. It's time to bring them to the surface and rise

VIRGO - It's time for you to step back and really look objectively at your ambition. The advice is to take action on what you can do in the moment, and not get held back by controlling all the details in the process. One step forward and see what happens - let go and enjoy the journey!

LIBRA - You are feeling protected on this journey to explore your adventure. You are being guided in each step of the process, and you will find connections are helping you and lifted to the next stage!

SCORPIO - For you this is all about picking the lane/path that you want to travel. Right now it seems like you don't have the information to help you make the decision, so look for things that might help you feel comfortable moving forward and be confident in your decision.

SAGITTARIUS - You can see the end goal, and for you it's all about finding the steps you need to take to get to this goal the fastest!

CAPRICORN - For you, you need to take action, in spite of anything that is happening in your life. You want success immediately, but you have to start with the small successes, and appreciate the small wins!

AQUARIUS - You are ready to take action and the energy is supporting you right now. Things are heating up for you and you have the energy at the moment that will carry you for a while. Use this energy wisely and start making headway!

PISCES - Watch out for any insecurities that may bubble up and try to block you from moving forward. Pay attention to those things and remember that the ideas that you have are great, so don't let other's feedback stand in your way. Continue to aim high with your goals!! :)

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