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Weekly Tarot Reading for ALL Zodiac Signs With Rumi's Gift Oracle!

This week's general card is Courage from Rumi's Gift Oracle deck. This week you will need your fortitude this week. You will need to communicate to someone

ARIES - This is all about manifestation for you this week. You may find that you have inner doubts, but remember that you have everything you need. In love, you are good enough and be who you are and your match will find you!

TAURUS - This is time for you to make a change, and something good will happen to you in a job-related endeavor. Someone may have reached out to you to bring you an opportunity. All the hard work that you've done in the past will pay off now. In love, you may meet someone who is different than you've

GEMINI - You are contemplating about a new job... you may be unhappy in your work or out of work and looking for a job. You have to really think about what is important to you going forward. How do you plan to rectify any changes you see. There is a new beginning for you and it will be better suited for you!

CANCER - You win some, you lose some. Be ready for taking the win and accepting the loss. Cherish the win in the moment.

LEO - You may meet someone this week that will spark something in you and you may want to do things and get you out and enjoying life. You have been doing the inner work, and in this week, there is an opportunity. In work, you may find a new job that makes you feel like you are part of something. You will have a better relationship with the people associated with this new job or community.

VIRGO - There is a love connection with your partner this week for you Virgo. In work, there could be someone who proves to you that they can't be trusted.

LIBRA - Communication that will happen in work for you this week. You know when to say what you need to say, and it will drive success. People will react positively to what you say. In love your intuition will guide you to say what you need to say to your partner.

SCORPIO - It is a celebratory love focused week for you. You may be celebrate something this week with your partner, friends and family. In work, you will find that there will be comradery with the people you work with. You may find that you win an award or you are part of a group that has been awarded for something this week.

SAGITTARIUS - It's time to move on to a bigger and better path for you. You may have decided to switch careers, and it has now manifested for you. This is very different career or place for you. You have worked very hard to get here and it's time to do things differently. Be open and courageous about doing something differently. In love, you need to do things differently in regards to communication.

CAPRICORN - You are feeling accomplished and blessed with all you have in your life right now. You may have had something come through for you.

AQUARIUS - You are feeling really good this week! Maybe a vacation is in order. Not a lot of effort from you this week, and you are enjoying life this week.

PISCES - New love is coming, but you can't see how that is even possible. There are some past hurts that are getting in the way. If you meet someone, you won't expect it. You do have another chance in love. Keep your eyes open. Connect with each and every person you meet, even in the store. In work, you may be very busy working this week.

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