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Weekly Tarot Reading for ALL Zodiac Signs - You have the wisdom!

This week's general card is Wisdom from Rumi's Gift Oracle deck. The inner knowledge you have will help guide you in making decisions this week. You can listen to others, but make sure it is in alignment with your heart. Using the dreaming way tarot deck, here what is coming up this week for each of the zodiac signs:

ARIES - This is decision making time, but you may not have all the information you need to make this decision. Something unexpected is going to happen this week to show you that there is divine timing.

TAURUS - It is all about LOVE this week. You are connecting with them this week. You or your partner may have an option to make more money, and you will discuss together and make sure it is the right opportunity for you as a couple.

GEMINI - Jackpot week for you Gemini! This week you will see manifestation for you this week and feeling secure and having everything you need.

CANCER - You will have confidence in the direction you are taking in your life. You will be getting advice from someone older - could be someone related to financial matters. There is something you are contemplating on a decision, and in spite of the advice, remember to tap into your inner knowing.

LEO - It's about letting go of someone in your life. You may just have an argument that you won't win this week. You may just end a pattern of communication in your relationship to end a cycle. Use your wisdom to decide what the best decision is for you this week.

VIRGO - It's all about creativity this week. Someone may be coming in your life with an idea that can be influential in your life. This person will come in an help you with a solution to a problem, or trigger an "aha" moment for you.

LIBRA - Emotional fulfillment for you this week from your partner. You will feel like you are surrounded by love this week. You are feeling blessed to have this person in your life.

SCORPIO - There is a lot of information coming in and you are feeling overwhelmed and insecure with not knowing what to do. You need to stay centered, and step away from the situation so you can see your way forward.

SAGITTARIUS - You are winning this week! There is financial security and feeling that this win is "due" to you. You've worked hard to get here and will pay off for you this week.

CAPRICORN - You are leading the way, taking charge, being confident this week. Nothing is stopping you! Someone in power will be noticing you this week. Also, this could be a love relationship brewing in your work life.

AQUARIUS - There is a new opportunity coming your way! Something new is coming into your life that you value. And you will have all the tools that you need.

PISCES - You may be looking to secure your financial situation. If it is working out your financial assets, or what promotion you want to go after. It's all about getting more in your life financially.

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