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Weekly Tarot Reading for ALL Zodiac Signs - You will make a difference!

This weeks theme is in regards to the energetic frequency that you have inside of you to show your capabilities for giving and receiving. People are drawn to you and there is a connection with another person or in a group dynamic. There is a frequency that you're bringing something to the group.

People will be seeing you for who you really are. You will be showing your authentic self to another person. You will be vocal in this relationship with another or in this group. Your ideas will spark ideas to make important changes to the greater community. You are taking leadership with the actions that need to be taken. You are the key to help the group come alive. There is even a possibility of you meeting a love in this group or community. Be cautious in how far you take an action to make something happen. You are very powerful and making an impact and be drawn to leadership.

ARIES - This is a week for celebration for you. Maybe even a marriage is on the horizon or a relationship will be taken to a next reading. There is a community spirit and a synchronistic feeling happening.

TAURUS - Your inner knowing is kicking in. You are the person that people are listening to - with your words of wisdom. People may come to you for your advice. You may have the ideas that people are looking for.

GEMINI - You feel at home at possibly a new position or career. You are using your skills to a greater capacity.

CANCER - You may be going to a reunion or hearing from people from your past. There is something in your life that has changed and you are excited to show people how far you have come. You may be shopping for the occasion.

LEO - There could be a wounding in a relationship. Maybe there is an old love that you see at a party or gathering and you are going into this gathering with hesitation. But there is a potential love that you could meet.

VIRGO - Remember not to take something too far if you are trying to make a point. The group dynamic may be strong and something to watch out for. Be careful not to get hurt.

LIBRA - You are ready to take action and moving forward with your plans. You will take the leadership position and take action.

SCORPIO - You are wanting to be part of a new group, or new job. You may be interviewing to make a headway into this group/job. There may be a bit of frustration in trying to make your way in. You want in, though this may not be the right time just yet, so be patient.

SAGITTARIUS - It's about love for you this week. You will find love and will take action to make this happen in your life, and you won't hold back with your feelings.

CAPRICORN - You are surrounded by people that you love - like family or clan is your group connection. You may have a family reunion coming up and you are

AQUARIUS - Joining a new group will allow you to find your soul purpose. It is time for you to fit in and feel like you belong.

PISCES - Struggle is behind you and the future will feel more natural. You may be moving to a new location and it will resonate with you and you will be more vocal in this new environment. It will be easy here to express your ideas and thoughts. Financially this place will be luckier for you as well.

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